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I am Julia Anais, Life Clarity Coach with Certification in Instant & Rapid Hypnosis.


I bring a unique approach using the principles of Mindfulness, Meditative Deep Relaxation

and technique of Hypnotic Communication along with a lifetime of learning & training.

Meditation is known for it's benefits in opening the eyes to subconscious beliefs

which may be creating barriers for achieving personal growth.

Through regular meditation there are also opportunities for gaining peace & clarity in oneself.

I am passionate about helping others transform through overcoming self-sabotaging negative patterns & mindsets

to allow to focus & align with achieving a more peaceful & harmonious way to be.

For many years I have guided others who were seeking to enhance their lives.

I have learned that most often outer turmoil esentially indicates the need to go within for an inner solution.

I believe in working towards assisting you in restoring a feeling of vitality so you can discover the potential of embracing an  energised & inspired way to live the Life you have been given.


Did you know most of the time the mind is running on rote, operating in a comfort zone, within the realms of normal expectations and limited possibilities, so of course prevents you seeing the bigger picture.

When your lifestyle is continually on the go and you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions it feels nearly impossible to find a moment to actually focus on what you need most.

Chances are at some point in your journey you have had inklings that something needed to change...

like the theory of the feather, the brick and the truck…at first a subtle warning that something needs your attention,

and then like a hit to the face a more obvious sign that you may or may not have missed,

until one day you find yourself 'run down' and near breaking point!


The problem is those warning signs were probably overlooked as you continued to push yourself onwards,

feeling that you couldn’t stop. You may have struggled through and showed your ‘happy’ face to the world

while inside you were silently screaming for help!

And now you are totally bewildered about what to do and where to begin to find a way to unravel the mess.

So Are You Ready to

EnVision a better life & EmPower Your Mind

You need a plan that is practical, works easily with your hectic lifestyle, and takes your uniqueness into account.

My expertise is in assisting you to discover your unique method that

transforms your Body and Mind to lift your Spirit to it’s HIGHEST level,

allowing you to feel enthusiastic for living from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep,

while navigating your day and realising you can

get more ‘from’ life rather than just getting ‘through’ life.

What are you waiting for...

You're Invited to contact me

for a calm and sincere no obligation Clarity Session

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"Let’s do it now as we know often later becomes never!"

Sandy Beach

Life is about realising what

might await for your future.

"Cure people's ills, and you make them healthy for a day.

Teach them to stay well, and you make them healthy for their lifetimes"

-ancient wisdom-

Did you know

Your Mind knows more than you give it credit for...

It has all the answers to improve your Life just waiting for you to tune-in.

My aim is to assist you to

Relax and de-stress your Mind 

Change Patterns and Habits 

Reset Beliefs and Mindsets

Gain Clarity for your life

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