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   allows me to hear my inner voice
   allows my communication with nature
   allows me to lift my Spirit to it’s       highest level "

"We're all Ordinary People finding our Way in an ExtraOrdinary World"


“Act as a Master of Your Life by putting Your

Health, Wellbeing & Happiness first”

I’m truly pleased you’ve found your way here.

Mostly I feel we’re all looking for the same things in life; to have our hopes, dreams & pain understood; to be seen, heard & treated fairly.


By personal experience I've absolutely discovered we’re each able to help ourselves; recover, reset & renew our own true core values, to achieve a more peaceful & harmonious way of being.

I understand the World sure seems a little crazy right now so first and foremost I’d like to suggest you pause for a moment & ‘Catch Your Breath’

Much has changed as we launch ourselves forward into previously unchartered waters.


How do we tend to our Well-being?

Years ago I had no idea...

I've since learned valuable techniques that can help in paying daily attention to what is needed to support Mind, Body & Spirit.

After I was reminded the importance of listening to my Intuition & introduced to Meditation I took up the practice of Journaling to note the positive changes that were occurring in my life.

I found first & foremost I needed to get to Know Myself again.

Years of living an unquestioning existence had not led me to the best place ...

My entire being was crumbling 

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually

Are you feeling ready to get to Know Yourself again ...

And take steps to begin Mastering Your Life?

I'd love to support you...

Get Your Journey to Well-being started

Click the link via 'About' page - 'I'm Ready. Take Me There' - to download Your free Resource

& discover a Valuable Opportunity to Join The Julia Anais Wellbeing Centre & Private Membership

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The term "Synergy" is derived from the Greek word sunergos; meaning

"Working Together".

Through Synergy for the Soul Julia's intention is to offer supportive and educational programmes to propel You forward in your quest for living Your Best Life!

EnVision a Better Life & EmPower Your Mind to live a better version of life through educating via Workshops, Retreats & Events.




The Extraordinary Keys For Life Podcast

Discover how Key expertise shared via these informative sessions can help You learn new ways to navigate Your direction.

The Extraordinary Keys for Life Podcast series expands on the concepts from my book 'Extraordinarily Ordinary: Eyes Wide Open to Wonder' & shares expert knowledge through conversations with Mentors & Professional Guests.

“Why are you so enchanted by this world,
when a mine of gold lies within you?”
– Rumi 
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